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eDocAmerica offered by VantagePointe Benefit Solutions









eDocAmerica's mission is to empower individuals and families to take more control of their health.  They do this by providing direct, online and telephonic access to a team of medical professionals.   Our clients ask whatever they want, whenever they want and are guaranteed personal responses from medical professionals.

Personal responses typically arrive in just a couple of hours, our users enjoy a host of other tools including physician written Weekly Health Tips, a toll-free 24hr Nurse Advice Line, a 3D Health Encyclopedia, a Healthy Lifestyle Assessment, and more.  eDocAmerica's services result in saved office visits, peace of mind, confidence to act, and ultimately an informed, empowered individual.


Our clients will have e-mail access to board certified Physicians and Psychologists: Now you may be able to avoid spending time waiting in a doctor's office for routine diagnosis and advice only to learn you didn't need to be there.








Nurse Call - registered Nurse Advice Line: Our client's have toll free access to a registered nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The registered nurse will advise our clients as to the proper disposition for his/her stated medical concern or problem.  These dispositions will range from home care advice to recommended emergency care.








Pharmacist - Use this service to get answers to questions on demand such as:

Can you help me figure out if my medication dosage is too high?
Should I take these 2 medicines together?  What is the best OTC medication for my child's cold symptoms?




Dentist - Use this service to receive answers to questions such as:

When should my child have all of her baby teeth?  Are there alternatives to braces?
My dentist told me it was going to cost $1,200 to get this work done, does that sound right?
Can whitening my teeth damage them in any way?


Please call our office more information about this new service!